“A quality guy is usually a man with a plan, a dream, or some sort of ideal that he wants to live up to. He needs a woman by his side that can be a source of strength during tough times and a companion to celebrate with during the good...Read more

the Road

“the road that you are on now is a hard one to walk, but every step on, it is a step towards God” ~ AbandonPathRead more

Scary Close

“I’d rather earn the money than win the lottery, because there is no joy in a reward unless it comes with a story.” ~ Donald MillerRead more


“To say that time really heals is by slight of an understatement; it truly does heal; given whether or not you have allowed it the space to do so. For keeping such things bottled away for another time does allow for some disassociation from the feelings; though it does not...Read more


“Do not live your life to change people, live your life to change you. Others will change from your testimony. Again, write not to change the world, but rather write to change you.” ~ AbandonPathRead more

To lay still and slip away

I learned very quickly how irrefutably useless sleep was in the grand scheme of life. How sleep seems to deprive the soul of encounters that it uses to issue out its wellness; though for some sadistic reason sleep was indeed inevitable.It was as if some god sent out a curse...Read more